Pizza Night

Hi loves,

I went out to pizza with my family tonight and threw together this outfit. Of course I had to wear one of my favorite chenille sweaters!

(unfortunately they are sold out of my color but they have it in grey and blue available!)

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Holiday Pajamas!

Hi babes!

I don’t know about you but I love warm, cozy holiday pajamas! I went ahead and picked out a bunch for you and your families to wear on Christmas Eve!

How cute are these puppy pants from Old Navy and they are on sale for $15!

How adorable is this pajama set from Pink Lily Boutique ? Pretty much explains me this Christmas!

This Henley set from Gap gives me all the holiday feels. This is something I could spend all Christmas morning in.

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Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday: Natural Deodorant Reviews

For today’s Wellness Wednesday we are talking about deodorant and in particular natural deodorant! I made the switch over to natural deodorant about a year ago and I’ve spent the year trying to find the best natural deodorant!

I’m going to start with my favorite and then give you a review of each one.

My favorite is Kopari Coconut natural deodorant.

The deodorant smells good, goes on clear and stays clear, and doesn’t leave you smelly at the end of the day. It’s also really smoothing and moisturizing. When you do get your sweat on you smell like coconut!

Toms natural deodorant was the cheapest and easiest option to find. I was able to go to my local Target and get it, however; I felt like I smelt funky by the end of the day when I used it. And if I went to the gym I reapplied before and after my workout in fear I would smell bad.

Schmidt’s Natural deodorant was the first one I tried. The review were good on Amazon and I was able to order right on the website. I thought this was ok, my biggest complaint is it didn’t go on clear and often got on my clothes. I do feel it kept from smelling through my day but I had to reapply before a workout.

Finally, the last deodorant I tried was Green Tidings natural deodorant. This was also available on Amazon and had the cleanest ingredients, however; I only wore it for a few days before I had to throw it out. I felt like I smelled immediately after putting it on and didn’t think it worked at all.

Are you thinking of making the switch to natural deodorant?

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New Years Eve Outfit Guide

Hi Friends,

I’ve been searching the internet for the perfect NYE outfits and found some amazing pieces at affordable prices I thought I would share with you all. If you click on the picture it will take you to the website where you can find it!

I hope you like these ideas!

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