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Updated Summer Makeup Tutorial

Happy Monday ladies! It was beautiful here over the weekend so I enjoyed the beach and pool and got some reading done. I’m currently reading The Last Mrs. Parish by Liv Constantine and really enjoying it. It’s defiantly a page-turner.

I realized that my last makeup tutorial was filmed nearly 6 months ago, so I decided it was time to update it in case you missed it, I shared a full tutorial today on Instagram stores (and it will be saved to my highlights too!). I decided to also add a blog post here on my site, in case anyone preferred to read more about products and why I love them!

I wanted to also create a post here with a list full of the products I use in order that I use them:

  1. After washing and drying my face, I first apply this primer to help my skin look radiant and glowy.
  2. I apply this foundation (shade NC41) with this powder brush all over my face – don’t forget to blend your neck too!
  3. I apply this under eye brightening corrector (in shade light to medium ) to brighten my under eye. I usually just use my finger to apply.
  4. I apply this concealer (shade NW32) underneath my eyes and on any blemishes I may have. I use a dampened beauty blender to blend the product into my skin.
  5. Next, I set my face with this setting powder and this powder brush.
  6. I fill my brows with this (in the shade medium brown).
  7. One of my favorite products for summer is this eyeshadow palette – I typically apply it in this order: first color all over my lids and under brow bone with this brush, 7th color to outer corner with this brush. This color to the center and fourth color in crease with this brush and blend it all together with this brush.
  8. I apply this eyeliner (in the color jet black) to my upper line and out a bit for more of a ‘cat-eye’ look.
  9. I go back to my eyeshadow palette and apply the very last color on my right to my bottom lashes from the end to the middle with this brush.
  10. I use this primer to my eye lashes and then apply this mascara. I apply 3-4 coats and really get the mascara from the root of my leashes to the end.
  11. I use this bronzer (in the shade rich amber) with this brush to contour my face. I focus the product along my hairline, my cheekbones, and jaw line. I will also try to carve out my chin by applying some product on either side of my chin (watch my instastories if this sounds confusing!).
  12. I apply blush using this brush on the apples of my cheeks. I have this blush (in Gentle) and this blush (in orgasm) and alternate between the two.
  13. For the night, I will also add some highlighter in the color Radiant Light on my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, and the cupid’s bow of my lips – I use this brush.
  14. I will use this brush and apply this setting powder one last time to set the whole look .
  15. I have been using this lipstick in the color Kylie all summer and have been loving it!

Below, I have included all of my holy grail makeup products. I have been using 85% of these products for nearly 2 years, so I definitely can vouch for every product – they are all amazing! I also included all of the makeup brushes I use – each brush is from Sigma and I have been using these brushes for years.


Makeup Brushes

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Going Out Makeup

Hi babes!

Happy Sunday! I had such a nice time at the holiday party last night! It was so nice to get out and have some drinks and apps with my family. Here’s a picture of me, my brother and sister!

I’ve had a few requests for my makeup routine before so I recorded my going Out Makeup Routine last night. I hope you enjoy!


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Makeup Routines

My Quick Makeup Routine

How’s everyone’s Thursday? Today is day 3 of the TIU holiday hustle and I shared the current book I’m reading on my Instagram. Go check it out!

I had a lot of requests for my makeup routine, below is the video of me applying my quick makeup routine. I also included all of the products below I used below!

If you follow me on Instagram then you can see the video of me applying the below makeup in my highlights too!

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