Life Updates

Hi Friends! Boy did I have a rough couple of weeks with being sick, getting a sinus infection and then ending up in the hospital. It was a wild roller coaster but I’m finally feeling better!

I have been doing the Tone It Up studio workouts and going for a run 3x a week. I’m also starting Lauren Gliesberg ConfidenceKini challenge next week.

On a totally different not I’m debating whether I want to join a gym or not. The confidencekini challenge would be a lot easier at a gym but I have two dilemmas. The closer gym which is 10 minutes away is located on the beach which means lots of crowds and no parking.

The second gym is 20 minutes away and has plenty of parking but that’s just it, it’s 20 minutes away. What should I do? Decision, decisions.

I’m heading into the city for the night because I have a early doctors appointment tommorow. Have a great night!

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Hi Friends! Happy Monday! I’m sorry I’ve been MIA! Ive spent the last two weeks so sick and actually ended up in the hospital last night and received a double blood transfusion yesterday. Unfortunately, the cancer is getting the best of me and its so frustrating. I haven’t needed a blood transfusion since November and I have been feeling so well up until last week. Hopefully this is short lived and I start to feel well soon!

As you can probably imagine I haven’t worked out in over a week. I am hoping to start my 21 day program tomorrow.

Anyway, I just wanted to hop on and let you all know I was alive. Make sure you follow me on Instagram to keep up with my daily updates.

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Transform 20 Review

Transform :20 Program Details

The Workouts

Well, if you were actually reading above you know the workouts are 20 minutes. 20 minutes. Not 21, not 24, 20. When Shaun T says “let’s go,” you better be ready to MOVE. HA!

There are 3 Phases to the program:

  1. Commit
  2. Climb
  3. Conquer

Each phase gets harder. The moves more intricate. And the motivation, more impactful.

Each workout has a different name:

  • Burn
  • Faster
  • Stronger
  • Powerful
  • Cut
  • Balance

Burn though Cut (aka the Monday through Friday workouts) are intense.
You’ll be doing lots of fast feet movements up and down the step (think Speed 1.0/2.0 from T25 with a step), to lots of pushups, lots of burpees, and lots of abs.

To be honest, Week 1 was super rough for me! Not only because the step makes it even harder, I just wasn’t used to the non-stop, go go go, cardio anymore. That first workout will test your will to continue my friends — just keep going. You will get stronger.

Balance incorporates stretching, lighter cardio, and strength work.
It’s the perfect ending to the week. As of writing this blog, I am on Week 5, and my mindset has undergone a complete shift. I look forward to my workouts and I am loving it!

Each workout has 3 “Transformers.”
A Transformer is a move timed for a minute where you have to push yourself to complete as many reps as possible. You track these in the Transformation Trackers. They really do measure your improvements week-to-week.

My suggestion for the Transformers — if you are like me and have a hard time counting and moving fast (not puking), to record yourself doing the transformers so you can go back and count your reps following your workout.

And as of Week 6, I’ve lost 6 pounds!

Have I had some cocktails — YES. On those days where I indulge in a glass of wine, I follow (strictly) 2B Mindset. Lots of water, lots of veggies!

The Transformation Trackers

When you can track it, you can improve it, right?! Well, Shaun T uses that concept and provides us with a daily tracker that not only tracks your Transformers, but your food, and your mood. Because let’s face it, that is bound to change over the course of 6 weeks. HA!

I highly encourage you – TRACK TRACK TRACK!

Really sticking to the tracking process allows you to see your improvements over time and to gauge your level of commitment. It was really a stretch for me to do it, but I am glad I did. I have seen my numbers improve, and well, my mindset strengthen.

My Transform :20 Experience (Weeks 1–5)

At this point, you should know I will never lie to you about my reviews of our programs, so, here’s the honest truth.

That picture above? Yep, that’s how I was feeling the entire workout!

I absolutely, positively, with 100% conviction — HATED Day 1.

Hand to heart, 10 minutes into the workout I pondered shipping my step back to Beachbody and saying “thanks, but no thanks!” But at the end of Week 1, I understood what this program was about.

It’s about a transformation from the inside out.

And while at that moment, I didn’t yet realize how the program would impact me personally, I knew that my quitting would prevent others from experiencing massive and transformative personal breakthroughs. It was about more than the tough and fast moves, it was about the words, the positive affirmations, the positivity, the growth. I could see where Shaun T was going with this. He was going to push us to our breakthrough point. Ahhhh, got it!

Part of my apprehension on Day 1 was also due to the fact that I thought I was in much better shape. Remember the “fittest year of my life” thing. Yeaaaaa, not so much. This would require a different kind of fit. So, feeling slow and winded was a humbling experience and one that I would need to get used to as I pushed and got stronger every day. Day by day, I would get faster and stronger. Faster and stronger. That would be my goal.

But Day 2 was better and by Day 3 I was getting the hang of it.

And it was in Day 2 that I realized I had missed the whole “Transformer” thing in Day 1. Likely, because I was busy planning my exit from this group. HA!

By the end of Week 1, I had already lost 5 pounds and I was feeling fantastic. Who knew you could get results to fast with only 20 minutes a day! Drops the mic. This is going to rock people’s world!

Alright let’s all calm down — on Week 2 we headed to Las Vegas and I had Amazon ship me a step to our hotel. I know, I am extra AF. The first test of will-power was upon me. Was it easy? HELLLLLL NO! I had to workout while people were hanging at the bar. Not fun at all. But I made a commitment and so I pushed through.

Week 3 (the Climb phase) was my personal breakthrough week. It’s when I finally felt myself coming alive in this program. I was now looking forward to each workout, to the message, to the Transformers. Instead of having negative thoughts for 20 minutes, I found myself being my biggest cheerleader. Pushing myself to new heights. Week 4 I absolutely found myself in the ZONE.

And here I am, in Week 5 (the Conquer phase) being pushed even harder and staring down the barrel of finishing this amazing experience.

I am going to end here and circle back when I can show you my results and my overall complete experience and results. Hopefully, by reading this, you have felt inspired to embrace a new and different journey like I have.

Trust and believe — it will be worth every minute.

Ready To Try It With Me?

I’ll be hosting monthly Challenge Groups for anyone wanting to try this program with me! I’ll help you get set up with the right Challenge Pack, help with nutrition planning, and encourage and motivate you every step of the way!

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Week In Review


Happy Friday! This week was my week so get back on track and I’m really proud of myself. I officially finished Transformation 20 on Wednesday and started my new 21 day fitness program yesterday. The old Megan would have said, “I’ll start on Monday” but not the new Megan, the new Megan starts on a Thursday. Woohoo!🎉🎊

I’m still working on my eating. I’ve been on point with my meals, however; I fall off my program when it comes to snacking, (especially in the afternoons). Drinking my superfood shake at 3pm definitely helps me fight cravings but I’m still not doing as well as I should.

I know In time I will succeed. For now I’m proud of myself for completing my workout plan. This is the first time in my life I’ve ever successfully completed a workout plan I started!!

Here’s my goals for the next 21 Days:

  • Follow the program everyday
  • Drink my Superfood Shake in the afternoon
  • Stay on track with my points

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One weekend of partying in Vermont and I am officially sick, just proves I can’t hang hang like I use to. Just Kidding but I really am sick. I woke up with morning feeling really achy and had a slight fever. Vermont was so fun catching up with old friends and making new ones.

On Friday when we arrived we all hung out and had some beers and wine and cooked dinner together. Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to head to the slopes. Mike and I mostly skied the green trails but did adventure to some blues. After skiing we did my favorite thing, drinking at the ski lodge aka Apres. It was so fun to hang out with the band and warm ourselves up after a cold day of skiing.

Saturday evening we all went out to one of the local bars called The Pickle Barrel. We had a blast dancing to the live music and just being with friends. Sadly on Sunday it was time for Mike and I to head home. Mike was so sweet and drove the whole way because I was not feeling too hot.


I woke up this morning with a fever and feeling rather achy so I am taking it easy and giving myself a rest day. I have a lot of volunteering this week so I a hoping I am better for the kids. Here’s my plan:

*Monday- rest

*Tuesday: – T:20: Stronger

*Wednesday – T20: Powerful

*Thursday – T20: Cut & Balanced

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Happy Monday friends! I’m currently sitting in the airport waiting for my flight back to New Jersey.

It was a short but fun few days away with family in South Carolina. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel 100% so I only worked out once. I’m feeling a lot better and ready for a busy week ahead. I volunteer on Wednesday and then on Friday Mike and I are heading to Vermont with a group of friends to go skiing at Killington. There’s like 30 of us so it should be a great time!

Here’s my workout scheduled:

Monday Rest Day

Tuesday Transformation 20 conquer week 6 burn & week 6 faster

Wednesday Transformation 20 conquer week 6 stronger

Thursday Transformation 20 conquer week 6 powerful

Friday Transformation 20 conquer week 6 cut & balanced

Then I finish Transformation 20 on Friday.?I’ll do a full review of the program later next week and share my before and after results.

I have a new 21 accountability group starting the following Monday if anyone wants to join!

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Week In Review

This has been a crazy week! I started the week in New Jersey and I’m ending it in South Carolina.

On Monday I started week 5 of my workout program called Conquer. Every two weeks the theme changes, last week was Climb. The workouts are tough but fast so I’m really enjoying them! Most of my day was spent running errands and food prepping for the week.

I volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House on Tuesday. It was really fun to hang out with the kids again but I ran out of time and therefore skipped my workout. This threw me off my planned schedule.

On Wednesday I did Tuesdays planned workout which was called faster. For some reason I had a really tough time with it. I volunteered at the RMDH in the afternoon and then packed for my trip!

Thursday was a bright and early day. I have a 7:00am flight out of Atlantic City so that meant a 4:00am wake up call. My parents and I landed in Myrtle Beach, SC and spent the day cleaning our condo and getting groceries for our little trip. My dads sister and brother are meeting us this weekend on there drive back North from Florida. I’m seriously obsessed with the view off our balcony. This was a planned rest day.

Today I woke up sick again so I’ve been laying low drinking lots of liquids!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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Enjoying Life

Today I wrote a Instagram post about having the energy to enjoy life.

I posted the above picture and wrote about the transformation between the two photos. Before I was diagnosed with cancer I was always on the go. I never took time to enjoy the moment because I was always thinking about the next thing. I remember a trip my ex and I took to Chicago. We literally talked about our next vacation rather than enjoying the vacation we were on.

The picture on left is about 3 years into my cancer diagnosis and I was pretty sick at this point. You see, I was grateful for life and wanted to enjoy every moment but I didn’t have the energy. I was too tired, too sicks.

The picture on the right is me now! Not only do I have the energy to enjoy life, I am enjoying life. I take my time when I go places, I listen to people when they talk, I enjoy my surroundings and I am grateful to be alive. I don’t rush through life anymore.

If you are someone who rushes through life and doesn’t take time to reflect on it you could be missing out on something amazing. Think about it!

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Happy Monday

Hi Friends,

Happy Monday. I started week 5 of my workout plan (conquer) and it’s really tough. I had to modify a few of the moves because there was no way I would be able to physically do them. I’m completely ok with that though because at least I showed up. Here are a few of the moves from today’s workout!

Watch me trip in the first video! 😂

I am busy girl today. I have to pick up my new glasses, go to lunch with my friends, return stuff at Urban Outfitters and Victoria’s Secret and get my weekly CBC.

I decided to wear one of my favorite outfit combinations today.

Have a great day friends!

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Week In Review

My apologies this is coming a day late but my Friday was crazy. I was running around like a nut. I picked up shifts volunteering a The Ronald McDonald house and I have really enjoyed my time there. I thought I would be in the office but I am in the playroom. I get to hangout with the kids and help the moms with whatever they need. Last week I volunteered on Tuesday and Wednesday and this week I am volunteering on Tuesday. Other than that I have been shopping for my new apartment (yay! less than a month until I move!!). 

The company I work for came out with a new flavor of pre-workout this week. They now have it in fruit punch and it taste so good. I like it better than the lemon flavor. If you would like to try the fruit punch flavor let me know!


This was week 4 of my workout program and I seriously fall more and more in love with it every week.

I think it helps that it is only 20 minutes. It’s so funny, you put a sticker on when you finish each phase and I finished the climb phase so I put my climb sticker on my step today. I felt so proud putting that stick on!

I can’t wait to take my after pictures and see how many inches I lost from doing the program.

Happy Weekend Friends!

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