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Amazon Fall Finds

Happy Friday Friends!

I don’t know about y’all but I’m already getting all the fall vibes. Over the past few days I’ve been switching out my wardrobe and helping decorate. There’s just something fresh about the start of fall. I’m not sure if it’s the leaves falling or the start of school but I’m here for it all. Today on the blog I have some Amazon Fall Finds. I can’t believe how reasonable some of these items are! I hope you like what I found!

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Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday: Strawberry Oatmeal

Hey Girls!

Sorry I’ve been MIA, between work and taking care of my health my free time has been less and less. Thankfully this is my last week of work and although I will miss the girls so much it will be nice to focus on my health. Since I’ve been working it’s been challenging to find time to relax and focus on me. I also have not worked out at all the past few weeks and that is a big no no for me. Not only do I feel better when I work out, the doctors want me to workout. I start Lauren Gleisberg fall challenge next week and I could not be more excited. I bought a home gym bench and have my workout area ready to go.

Anyway, for today’s Wellness Wednesday post I’m posting my go-to breakfast I have been loving. Not only is it healthy, it seriously taste like dessert and is so easy to make.

  • Combine a pack of instant plain oatmeal with 1/4 C water and 1/2 C. strawberries
  • Mix ingredients together
  • Cook in microwave for total of 3 minutes stopping every 45 seconds to mix.

Girls I’m so in love with this breakfast, plus it’s giving me all the fall vibes. 🍁

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6 tips for getting out of a workout slump

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how much I love working out, and what a huge priority fitness is to me. I have pretty much consistently worked out 5-6 days a week for the last couple of years minus a few times when illness got in the way. I honestly love working out, being active, getting outside, etc. It’s a stress reliever for me and just makes me happy. People often ask “how do you keep yourself motivated?!” and up until 2 months ago…it was hard to answer people because I honestly just LOVED to workout, and didn’t really struggle with motivation! Until about 2 months ago when I hit a wall and didn’t love it anymore.

Working out always felt really good to me, so I continued to workout even through my illness! Then 2 months ago I hit a wall and working out didn’t seem easy or fun anymore. Working out has never been so challenging in my life as it has been over the last two months! I do still love it. It’s still a stress reliever for me and makes me feel good. But…taking care of my health, traveling, working, keeping up with friends and family, etc…makes working out so much harder than it used to be. I’ve had weeks now where I’ll have like 4 or 5 days in a row where i haven’t worked out. And once you get out of your regular routine, it’s hard to get back in it.

SO. Today I want to share some tips with you guys on how to get back into working out when you’re in a slump or when you’ve taken off for a while. I’ve had to motivate myself to make time for physical fitness recently and wanted to share a few things with y’all that have helped me get out of a fitness slump.

Tip #1: Plan your workouts for the week

On Sunday night, I want you to take a look at your calendar for the coming week. When do you have meetings scheduled? When will your husband or someone be home to help you with the baby? When do you have appointments or social engagements? On your calendar, I want you to write in when you will workout throughout the week. For example, if you know Monday is a really busy day for you with work or other things, plan to workout at 6am before your day gets busy.

Beyond that – I’d encourage you to plan WHAT your workout will be! If you know you have to workout at 6am on Monday – what will you do? Maybe a Tone It Up workout at home, or sign up for a spin class or go for a run around your neighborhood. Take the guess work out of working out throughout the week by planning ahead, and you will be WAY more likely to actual get in your workouts!

Tip #2: Phone a friend

Okay, you might not technically need to pick up the phone and call. But, I’d encourage you to tell your sister or a girlfriend “hey, I’m trying to be better about working out this week! wanna do a spin class with me on Monday?” Or, even if you don’t ask them to join the class with you…ask them to hold you accountable! Let them know “I’m gonna try and work out 3 days this week! Hold me accountable!” If you actually say your goals out loud to someone, you’re way more likely to stick with it…as opposed to just keeping your goal to yourself in your head. So, ask a friend to join you on a walk around the lake after work one day, or sign up for a kickboxing class with you. If you’re struggling to find motivation, talk to a friend about it!

Tip #3: Less activation energy

When I was in high school, we had a motivational speaker / life coach come talk to us about accomplishing your goals, and he talked about activation energy. His speech has stuck with me after all these years. Activation energy is the energy required to get something done. If you can lower the activation energy it takes to do a workout, you are more likely to do it. I’ll share an example!

When we were in South Carolina last week, I hadn’t worked out for 4 days in a row and knew I needed to workout the next morning (i was feeling so bleh). In order to workout in the morning though, there was a lot of “activation energy” required. I knew in order to workout I would have to get dressed, and have a snack before working out.

SO. The night before, I laid out the clothes I would wear for my workout. Got my water bottle and airpods ready. So, when I woke up, working out seemed way more feasible.

For you – if you have to workout in the mornings before work…maybe lay out your workout clothes the night before, get your gym bag ready to go, etc., so that in the morning, you will have as few steps as possible between you and the gym!

Tip #4: Make it fun + attainable

If you’re in a workout slump and the idea of going into a gym sounds like death to you (i personally strongly dislike gyms haha)…go back to workouts that you actually enjoy doing. Maybe it’s going for a hike (if you live somewhere like CO!), maybe it’s riding your bike, maybe it’s a zumba class or kickboxing. Don’t force yourself to do a workout you hate while you’re trying to get out of your slump. Just think of something active that you actually enjoy doing and go do that! Once you get back into a workout routine, you then can focus on branching out and trying new workouts that really challenge you. But initially, when trying to just get back into a routine, do activities that you think are fun.

In addition to making your workout fun…when you are REALLY not feeling the gym, make your workout seem as attainable / doable as possible. Once you’re in the gym parking lot (or still sitting on the couch), tell yourself “it’s 45 minutes of my day. that’s it. after i go sweat / get my heart rate up for 45 minutes i can be done and it will be so worth it.”

Tip #5: Remember your “why”

This has been the tip that has helped me the most on days I’m really not “feeling” it. I’ll have made the time to workout, schedule it, etc…get into our home gym and still think “I would rather gouge my eyeballs out than workout right now.” In those moments, I force myself to remember WHY I should workout and why I actually enjoy it. I remind myself “your body deserves for you to take care of it. These next 45 minutes of exercise will take your mind off of work [or other things that might be stressing me out] and let you just unplug. You will feel so accomplished after you get this done. Exercise makes you happy!! I have my own “why’s” with working out…and I’d encourage you to think of what YOUR why is! Why do you want to workout? Why is it a good thing for you? And in those moments where you are REALLY not feeling the gym…remember your why. Mind over matter. You can do this and it’ll be so worth it!

Tip #6: New workout clothes

I know this sounds silly but honestly…buying new workout clothes is such a great motivator to help you get out of a workout slump! Hit up Lululemon, buy a new outfit that makes you excited about going to the gym, or a new pair of workout leggings you can wear to spin class, and it’ll make you really excited to get back in the gym!

Like I said, these are all tips that really help me when I’m lacking motivation, and I hope they help you too! Do you have any tips that have helped you get out of a workout slump? I’d love to hear any of your tips in the comments below! Thanks for reading!


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If you live in New Jersey Selecta Flooring can help with all your flooring needs.

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Wellness Wednesday: How To Get Back On Track With Healthy Eating and Exercise

Hi Friends!

Truth: I haven’t worked out in three weeks and I’ve been eating so bad. I am busy, I don’t feel well, I got bad news, I thought of every excuse in the book but I have had enough! I’m done making excuses for myself, I’m ready to shape-up and get back on track!For me, it’s not only about looking good (although that helps!) I feel better when I eat on the nutrition plan and workout consistently. I have more energy, Im smarter and I overall just like myself more. So I’m committing to:

1. Doing my booty call workouts 5 /7 days (100 meltdown + Studio TIU workouts + The Daily Moves)

2. Go to barre 2-3 days a week at The Barre Method

3. Eating ‘lean, clean and green’ and by following the Tone It Up Nutrition Guidelines.


Have you gone off track and got back on again more times than you care to remember? That doesn’t make you a failure! It makes you human. As long as you get back on again, and are making positive changes, then you are moving in the right direction. Here are all the tips you need to get back on track with healthy eating and exercise.

There is no fad diet, there is no detox, and there is no total deprivation in this post. There are just a lot of small, everyday healthy changes that are going to help to make you eat more nutritiously, have more energy and just feel a whole lot healthier, because that’s what it’s all about.



This is a photo of me a few years ago and whilst I would love to look like that again, it’s just not going to happen. I am not saying it is impossible, but just not realistic for my life with all the medication I am on.


Forget fad diets, crazy detoxes or anything that promises miracle cures. Focus on eating less processed food, more fruit and vegetables and move more. Whilst I might not be able to always control what I eat, I can control how much of it I eat, so I am focusing on portion sizes and calories.

For me, the Tone It Up Nutrition plans works. It outlines why we should and shouldn’t eat certain foods and the science behind it. It also gives you a fool proof recipe guide book.

A few months ago I wrote a post on the Tone It Up frequently asked questions or you can visit the Tone It Up website for more details.


I know all the changes that I need to make, because I have made them all before, so it’s tempting to make them all at the same time – but that just isn’t going to work. If I make too many changes at once, I will feel overwhelmed and fall at the first hurdle.

Just take each day as it comes and make small changes at a time. Maybe start off with healthy breakfasts for the week and going for a walk. Then the next week move on to upping your workout.

For me, focusing on portion control at the moment, even if the foods I am eating aren’t ideal. After a couple of weeks, I will set myself a new challenge. Constantly reminding myself that this is a marathon, not a sprint.

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Amazon Try-On Session

Hi beautiful people!

I have a mini Amazon try-on session for you’ll today it’s small but too good not to share. It’s the little things that excite me like awesome Amazon finds!

The first is a shift dress that is under $22 and prime! It comes in lots of colors and fits TTS. The sleeves are quarter length and have a beautiful detail.

I also picked up this beautiful off-the-shoulder blouse. It’s under $21 and prime. It seriously looks like it could be Free People. It’s double lined and has beautiful tiered bell sleeves.

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Wellness Wednesday: Adult Nueroblastoma

Hi Friends!

As many of you may or may not know I’m currently battling Stage IV High Risk Neuroblastoma Cancer. Neuroblastoma is primarily found in children and is extremely rare for adults to get.

Cancer starts when cells in the body begin to grow out of control and crowd out normal cells. Cells in nearly any part of the body can become cancer, and can spread to other areas of the body.

The types of cancers that develop in children are often different from the types that develop in adults.

Neuroblastoma starts in certain very early forms of nerve cells, most often found in an embryo or fetus. (The term neurorefers to nerves, while blastoma refers to a cancer that affects immature or developing cells). This type of cancer occurs most often in infants and young children. It is rare in children older than 10 years and adults.

To understand neuroblastoma, it helps to know about the sympathetic nervous system, which is where these tumors start.

The sympathetic nervous system

The brain, spinal cord, and the nerves that reach out from them to all areas of the body are all part of the nervous system. The nervous system is needed for thinking, sensation, and movement, among other things.

Part of the nervous system also controls body functions we are rarely aware of, such as heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, digestion, and other functions. This part of the nervous system is known as the autonomic nervous system.

The sympathetic nervous system is part of the autonomic nervous system. It includes:

  • Nerve fibers that run along either side the spinal cord.
  • Clusters of nerve cells called ganglia (plural of ganglion) at certain points along the path of the nerve fibers.
  • Nerve-like cells found in the medulla (center) of the adrenal glands. The adrenals are small glands that sit on top of each kidney. These glands make hormones (such as adrenaline [epinephrine]) that help control heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, and how the body reacts to stress.

The main cells that make up the nervous system are called nerve cells or neurons. These cells interact with other types of cells in the body by releasing tiny amounts of chemicals (hormones). This is important, because neuroblastoma cells often release certain chemicals that can cause symptoms.


Neuroblastomas are cancers that start in early nerve cells (called neuroblasts) of the sympathetic nervous system, so they can be found anywhere along this system.

  • Most neuroblastomas begin in sympathetic nerve ganglia in the abdomen, about half of these start in the adrenal gland.
  • Most of the rest start in sympathetic ganglia near the spine in the chest or neck, or in the pelvis. Mine was in my left pelvis area!

Some neuroblastomas grow and spread quickly, while others grow slowly. Sometimes, in very young children, the cancer cells die for no reason and the tumor goes away on its own. In other cases, the cells sometimes mature on their own into normal ganglion cells and stop dividing (this makes the tumor a benign ganglioneuroma).

I hope this was helpful in understanding what kind of cancer I have! Cheers!



Hi Friends! Happy Monday!

I’m popping on here to show my outfit details. I am working today so I wanted to wear something cute but comfortable. These shorts are so comfortable and this top is Prime. My whole outfit cost less than $40!

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