Week In Review


Happy Friday! This week was my week so get back on track and I’m really proud of myself. I officially finished Transformation 20 on Wednesday and started my new 21 day fitness program yesterday. The old Megan would have said, “I’ll start on Monday” but not the new Megan, the new Megan starts on a Thursday. Woohoo!🎉🎊

I’m still working on my eating. I’ve been on point with my meals, however; I fall off my program when it comes to snacking, (especially in the afternoons). Drinking my superfood shake at 3pm definitely helps me fight cravings but I’m still not doing as well as I should.

I know In time I will succeed. For now I’m proud of myself for completing my workout plan. This is the first time in my life I’ve ever successfully completed a workout plan I started!!

Here’s my goals for the next 21 Days:

  • Follow the program everyday
  • Drink my Superfood Shake in the afternoon
  • Stay on track with my points

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