Enjoying Life

Today I wrote a Instagram post about having the energy to enjoy life.

I posted the above picture and wrote about the transformation between the two photos. Before I was diagnosed with cancer I was always on the go. I never took time to enjoy the moment because I was always thinking about the next thing. I remember a trip my ex and I took to Chicago. We literally talked about our next vacation rather than enjoying the vacation we were on.

The picture on left is about 3 years into my cancer diagnosis and I was pretty sick at this point. You see, I was grateful for life and wanted to enjoy every moment but I didn’t have the energy. I was too tired, too sicks.

The picture on the right is me now! Not only do I have the energy to enjoy life, I am enjoying life. I take my time when I go places, I listen to people when they talk, I enjoy my surroundings and I am grateful to be alive. I don’t rush through life anymore.

If you are someone who rushes through life and doesn’t take time to reflect on it you could be missing out on something amazing. Think about it!

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