Week In Review

My apologies this is coming a day late but my Friday was crazy. I was running around like a nut. I picked up shifts volunteering a The Ronald McDonald house and I have really enjoyed my time there. I thought I would be in the office but I am in the playroom. I get to hangout with the kids and help the moms with whatever they need. Last week I volunteered on Tuesday and Wednesday and this week I am volunteering on Tuesday. Other than that I have been shopping for my new apartment (yay! less than a month until I move!!). 

The company I work for came out with a new flavor of pre-workout this week. They now have it in fruit punch and it taste so good. I like it better than the lemon flavor. If you would like to try the fruit punch flavor let me know!


This was week 4 of my workout program and I seriously fall more and more in love with it every week.

I think it helps that it is only 20 minutes. It’s so funny, you put a sticker on when you finish each phase and I finished the climb phase so I put my climb sticker on my step today. I felt so proud putting that stick on!

I can’t wait to take my after pictures and see how many inches I lost from doing the program.

Happy Weekend Friends!

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