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I Have A Confession

I have a confession. I have not been counting my Weight Watchers points. Yes, I joined Weight Watchers 3 weeks ago and said I was going to be committed but I totally lied. I have been eating way to many BBQ potatoe chips (my fav) and whatever else my heart desired, however; I am making a PROMISE to you all I am sticking to my points from now on.

My workouts have been on point but for some reason I am having a mental issue with counting my points but that’s about to change. I went grocery shopping last night and bought a whole bunch of low point food.


\Guess what I did on Saturday? I skied for the first time since I broke my hip in July and it was so good, however; I paid for it on Sunday as my legs were sore and swollen. That’s ok I really enjoyed being out there on the slopes.

On Sunday we had 90th birthday party for a really good family friend, it was at the Oyster Point in Red Bank which overlooks the Navesink River. It was so pretty and really nice to spend the day with my friends. I may or may not had too many mimosas.

When I got home my mom made a bunch of appetizers for us to eat during the Oscars. How good was Gaga and Bradley? OMGosh I love the two of them together, please make babies!


Skiing was the only workout I did this weekend and that’s ok. I was actually being really hard on myself for skipping my workouts this weekend and then gave myself a reality check. Why are we hardest on ourselves? It’s ok to skip a workout once in a while, no one is perfect. All that matters is that I pick it up again on Monday (which I totally will!).

This weeks workouts look like this:

  • Monday: Transformation: 20 Climb Cut & Balanced
  • Tuesday: Transformation: 20 Climb Burn & Barre Method
  • Wednesday: Transformation: 20 Climb Faster
  • Thursday: Transformation: 20 Climb Powerful & Yoga
  • Friday: Transformation: 20 Climb Cut & Barre Method
  • Saturday: Transformation: 20 Climb Balanced
  • Sunday: Rest or Yoga
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