Megan Motivates Week In Review

HI Friends,

I am going to be doing a new series on Friday called”Megan Motivates Week In Review”. Typically, it will be a summary of my week broken down into lifestyle and fitness with pictures from my week. I hope you enjoy it.


I decided to start my first boot-camp challenge group as a heath and wellness coach on March 18h. It will be an all women three boot-camp. We will support, push, and hold each other accountable during these three weeks. I have seen some of the results people have had doing this programs and they are pretty amazing. With summer right around the corner I am really excited to get in better shape and hopefully loose these last five pounds.

This week was all about finding an apartment. I visited a lot of apartments that were way too much money or way too small but guess what I found one yesterday! Yay! It’s about 50 feet from the beach and really open and clean. It’s the perfect apartment for me. I already have my pinterest board filled with ideas. I can’t wait to show you how I decorate.

If you don’t follow me on Pinterest you can hear.

Guess what? my liquid gold (pre-workout) now comes in Fruit Punch and I cannot wait to try it. I am so excited! I love the lemonade flavor but I bet the fruit punch is even better. If anyone would like to purchase it, e-mail me and I can get it ordered for you right away.


This was week three of my workout program and I am starting to see results both on the scale and in my body. So far I lost 6 pounds and I am starting to see some definition in my legs. Yay! I love how the program is only 20 minutes of my day. If anyone would like to hear more information about the program I am doing please shoot me an e-mail. I didn’t get to my weekly yoga or barre class this week because most of my week was spent shopping for apartments. Oh well at least I got my program in all six days.

I hope you have a great weekend!

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