I’m a Health & Wellness Coach

As many of you know I have been doing the Beachbody Transformation: 20 workouts and have fallen in love with them. The improvements I have seen from just a couple of weeks of following the program has me believing that this program is legit. I am seriously in better shape now than I was in my twenties.

I know people are going to think I am crazy for wanting to be a Health & Wellness coach. I tried another multi-level marketing company and it didn’t work out.  I was not a pushy salesperson.  I do, however, possess a passion for fitness and a desire to help others.  Plus, I see that there were a few key differences in this business model that made me see how I could be successful with it.  Here are the main reasons I decided to become a health & wellness coach:

1.  You are there to help your challengers, not sell a product.  With most direct sales companies, you sell a product and your customer is on his or her own after the purchase has been made.  With This company, the sale of the product is just the beginning.  What you are truly marketing is yourself.   It’s your own ability to inspire, motivate, and help others in their fitness journey that will make you successful.  If you can do this effectively, you will build your business.   If you’re an effective leader, your challengers will want to do more programs with you.  Their success reflects upon you.  If you have a true desire to connect with others online, you want to help motivate and inspire them and are self-motivated, your chances of success with this company multiply greatly.

2.  All the support and information I need is online.  I saw how all the coaches help each other out with ideas on how to address concerns, meet needs of their customers, and help other coaches.  All the information a new coach needs is online via the website, YouTube videos, private Facebook mentoring groups, and so on.

5.  I had nothing to lose.  When I signed up as a coach, I knew I had nothing to lose by giving it a try, since  I was doing the the On Demand workouts and using protein and pre-workout already.  By becoming a health & Wellness coach, I will receive a coaches’ discount on what I am buying already, help others while holding myself accountable, and earn a little extra money in the process (hopefully).  It is a way to make a little money doing something I am doing anyway.  Are you an advocate of programs like P90x, Instanity, T25 already?  Why not get paid for talking about them to your friends!

With any home business, you have to be self-motivated and put in the time and energy to be successful.  Because this particular business model is built on building relationships, building your Beachbody business is going take time.  I may have to coach two or three rounds of free challenge groups before someone makes a purchase from me but that’s ok.  It takes time to build trust with your challengers.  However, once you do they’ll be extremely loyal.

If you’re interested in learning more about Health & Wellness coaching and joining my team, visit this link: BECOME A COACH.  Our coaches have lots of great perks other teams don’t!

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