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Cycle For Survival

Cycle for Survival

This is my second year participating in Cycle for Survival and I think each year it gets better and better. I was actually signed up to participate last year, however; I was too sick to attend.

This year my team raised over $5,000 for Neuroblastoma (the cancer I have) and we had a team of 12 riders. This year I was also asked to be one of the speakers so it was a really special year for me.

We were signed up at the Bond Street location in the City so my brother, sister and brother’s girlfriend and I all drove into the city. I was signed up to be the second rider and had a blast signing and riding to the music. The day is an amazing day, filled with inspiration, hope, love and excitement. The energy is just so high. Here I am cycling to “I’m a Surviver” the perfect song.

I was the final speaker so I was able to tell everyone a little about my story and then announce the total amount raised. Here is my speech.

After the event we all went to lunch at Frank and it was delicious . I swear we were all starving. We even stopped for Friendly’s Ice Cream on the way home.

I was exhausted by 8:39pm and passed out.


On Saturday I rode the bike for an hour during the Cycle for Survival event. It was so much fun, and I burned a ton of calories. I forgot my apple watch. 🙁

Since I didn’t do Transformation:20 on Saturday I did it yesterday. The workout was all about finding you balance and it was really nice to stretch. It was defiantly much easier than all the previous workouts.

I also took the 12pm studio Tone It Up class. I wish TIU would make the classes every 30 minutes rather than every 60. Sometimes it works better with my schedule to take them on the half an hour mark.

Today is week 2 of Transformation: 20. I started week 2 with Burn and boy were my legs burning. I fall in love with with this program with each workout. It’s truly a life changing program. I feel so good after each workout.

What’s Going On

I finally bit the bullet and joined Weight Watchers. I started today and have been counting my points. If anyone has any good recipes please share. I am so excited to see my progress and stick to the program. I did it in High School and had a to of success with it.

I have a busy day ahead of me. I have to return my Pelaton, CBC and I have to go to the dentist all before 1pm so my morning is jam packed and then I have nothing to do in the afternoon.

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