Flex Friday

Hi Friends, We made it! Sorry I am getting on here so late, today ended up being a crazy day. I switched over everything from Dripping & Flipping to Megan Motivates. I feel like I identify more with Megan Motivates and this has become more of a lifestyle blog so Megan Motivates aligns more with the direction I want the blog to go in. So Hi from If you were signed up to receive my new posts you will still be signed tip with my new url, everything should transfer over.

It’s flex Friday! We have this thing at Tone It Up were we flex and show our muscles on Fridays.

Today I did Transform: 20 cut and it was another great workout. We focused on burning out different parts of our body for a minute each. After I did Transform: 20 I went to barre method. This afternoon was spent updating the blog and transferring everything over to Megan Motivates and then I went to pizza with my parents so I am full.

Tomorrow I have Cycle for Survival all day! and I got asked to do a speech. I am going to talk about what Cycle for Survival means to me and talk about my cancer journey to hopefully inspire others. I am going to have my brother tape it so I can share it with all of you.

Well It is 9pm and I have an early day tomorrow so I am going to get to bed.


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