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Why I Returned My Pelaton

I made a huge decision last week, I returned my new Peloton bike.

I’ll explain why here. In July of this past year I broke my hip and had a complete hip replacement. So yes, I have a titanium hip. I got clearance to work out again in September so I immediately started doing the studio Tone It Up workouts. By the time we hit December I was growing a little bored with the workouts and wanted to add some cardio to my routine. Peloton was running a promotion so I jumped on without really thinking about it and purchased my new Peloton bike. Prior to getting diagnosed with the cancer I enjoyed spinning so I thought it was a perfect option.

After my bike was delivered I immediately starting taking the Peloton live classes and getting comfortable with my bike.

I was so excited and wanted to love the classes but my heart was never into them. I began to dread taking the classes but because I was paying for it I forced myself to like it. After taking the classes for a few weeks my hip starts to hurt every time I take a class and now I really was dreading my Peloton classes. Not only was my heart not into it my hip was hurting more and more.

In January I started to take barre classes again at Barre Method and fall in love with barre all over again. I use to love barre before I got sick. I also bought  the Beachbody Transform: 20 program, which I’m starting today.

I face the facts: I hate taking the Peloton classes, I like the studio Tone It Up classes, I love the Barre Method classes, I’m starting transform: 20. It became very clear to me it was time to return the Peloton and I would continue to do the studio workouts, barre classes and begin the Transform: 20.

I had my first Tranform:20 class today and it was really tough. It’s been a while since I have sweat that much and found it that hard to breath. I am looking forward to the next six weeks and seeing the changes in my body and fitness level. 

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