Dreaming of the Beach

Yesterday my mom and I headed to Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania to meet with one of my oncologist and I had another good report. One of the tumors that was in my back is gone, Yay! I still have a bunch of tumors all around my body but this was defiantly good news. 

After, we decided to head to my aunts in Wilkes Barre, PA until Sunday (we will be home for the Super Bowl).  The temperature is currently 2 degrees. Ahhh! I should be thankful I am not in Chicago. 

Yesterday I did the studio Tone It Up workout and the daily moves. This morning I woke up and did my hip was hurting so i took an unexpected rest day.

Today we are doing some mother / daughter shopping. Yay!

Now I’m dreaming of being back on the beach. I think I need to plan another trip to Myrtle Beach. 

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