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Healthy Benefits of Celery Juice & 2 Easy Methods to Make It

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Celery Juice! It’s all the rage right now! I first heard about it when I was browsing the internet and came across Kelly and Victoria the bloggers behind Wilson Gabrielle. Kelly is a celery juice devotee. She swears by it and I had a juicer in the basement collecting dust. I figured why not try it.

By now ‘ve been drinking celery juice on an empty stomach 30 minutes before my morning smoothie for about a month now. Prior to drinking celery juice everyday I suffered from severe IBS. So severe that I often went to the bathroom twice a month. Now I go regularly, almost daily sometimes. Prior to drinking celery juice I had bad acid reflux. I was taking Prilosec daily to control it, I no longer have to take Prilosec. Prior to drinking celery juice I felt bloated and swollen, I no longer feel bloated and swollen. These are just a few of the benefits I have noticed from drinking my daily celery juice.

Medical Medium is the leader behind this craze. He shares a lot of incredible success and healing stories of people who have been drinking the juice daily. Amazing and mind-blowing healing stories. People who are truly suffering from awful diseases drink celery juice every single day and felt better. WHAT?

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  • The research shows that there definitely are proven health benefits of drinking celery juice. Celery has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, as shown by this study, due to the phytosterol and unidentified polar substances.

  • These anti-inflammatory properties can help with acid reflux, bloating, IBS, constipation, acne, eczema, and other inflammation issues in the body. (I AM PROOF OF THIS!)

  • Because of celery’s diuretic properties (high water content) and the fact that it contains magnesium, phthalides, and potassium, celery may actually help those with high blood pressure.

  • Celery juice is very high in vitamin K which promotes general bone and heart health.

  • It is high in vitamin C, which is critical for your immune system.

  • Note that I am obviously not a doctor. Always do your own research. Sources are linked within the text above.


Below, I included instructions both for making celery juice in a juicer and in a blender. I prefer the juicing method simply because I don’t have to bother straining and I had a juicer.

I bought this Breville juicer years ago because it is cheaper than other juicers and had good reviews. It’s also pretty easy to clean – many of the parts of dishwasher safe.I have had it for at least 7 years so you know it won’t break after a few uses.

When using a juicer, you simply put the celery in the hole and the juice comes out the sprout. I use a plastic grocery bag in the “garbage” plastic so I have less to clean up. I throw out the plastic bag and wash the other parts. It only takes 1-2 minutes to clean up.

The second way to make celery juice is with a blender and strainers. I recommend using a more powerful blender like a Vitamix because you need to break the celery down. You will also need to strain it. A nutbag would be fine, but I personally prefer using a mesh strainer. It’s quicker and easier to clean.

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