Taste and Technique: Tuscan Farmhouse

Back in December Christmas was approaching and I had no idea what to get Mike for Christmas, when the idea of cooking lessons popped in my head. We both love to cook and it seemed like a fun date night. I found a local place that does lessons called Taste and Technique. You can choose the night based on the cuisine you want. I knew there would be no football today because the super bowl is next weekend and the meal was Tuscan Farmhouse so I immediately booked it.

We started the night with bruschetta with goat cheese, tomato and a balsamic glaze. The chef made this in advance and it was delicious.

Next each couple made a dish. We were in charge of the braised tuscan chicken with white beans and kale which the instructor said was the most labor intensive dish. We were up for the challenge!


After everyone prepped the food they were assigned it was time to cook in front of the class.

The first couple started by making sausage and potato soup and while that was simmering the next couple started making the Tuscan greens and beans salad. After we enjoyed the salad the next couple started on the mushroom risotto with pesto pork loin. While that was cooking Mike and I started by crisping the chicken stovetop before placing it in the oven to bake. By this time the soup was ready to be served. After we enjoyed the soup it was time to enjoy my favorite dish which was the risotto with pork loin. Finally, it was time to enjoy our dish which was also Delicious!

The night ended with homemade biscotti with a lemon glaze.

Overall, we had a really great time. The instructor was really sweet and knowledgeable and I would definitely go again.


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