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Never Giving Up

As many of you know I broke my hip in July and had a complete hip replacement. From the moment I broke my hip I promised myself I would not let this stop me from doing what I love, working out. After my surgery the surgeon told me I can leave the hospital when I can climb stairs without a walker. Well the day after my surgery I was not only climbing stairs without my walker I was walking as well. But let me tell you my hips were tight. I mean really tight like can’t even bend over to pick up a piece of paper tight.

Fast forward to September I was back doing my studio Tone It Up workouts and looking for more. I began taking yoga class once a week and started to gain some flexibility back. Then in December I purchased my Pelaton bike, and just this week I took my first barre class in over two years. It felt so good to be back.

And guess what? I can pick up a piece of paper. In fact, when I bend over I can almost touch the ground. You see, I wasn’t going to let this injury stop me from doing what I love. Just like I am not going to let the cancer stop me from living my life. I will never stop fighting because life is too precious to give up hope. So next time you say I can’t, change that can’t into can and you will!

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