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Tone It Up 5 Day Detox Results

As I mentioned Last week I did the Tone It Up 5 day detox and here are my results:

Pounds lost: 4

I don’t know about you all but I can definitely see a difference.

By the end of the detox I overall just felt better.During the detox I had more energy and my body recovered from my workouts faster.

Also, this might sound silly but I was in a better mood.

I will definitely be doing the detox again! It’s amazing how 5 days of eating lean, clean & green can have such a big impact on your body.

Guess what started today? The Tone It Up Love Your Body challenge. This will be my first challenge post cancer treatment and I cannot think of a better challenge than love your body. This challenge is all about loving you, your body, all while challenging it.

I took my before pictures today and let’s just say I was not pleased. I think I had a little too many cookies over the holidays. Love your body could not come at a better time because I’m ready!

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