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Cycle For Survival

As many of you know I have been fighting Neuroblastoma (a rare pediatric cancer few adults to get) since 2015. Thanks so the amazing doctors and research at Sloan Kettering I am able to particpate in Cycle for Survival this year after not being able to partiicpate last year because I was to sick. If it wasn’t for the amazing staff, doctors, nurses, staff and researchers I would not be alive today. One of the many reasons I love Cycle is the money goes directly to Nueroblastoma research. Last year I participated in one of the research trial therapy (3F8).

Will you join me by making a donation? Your gift will directly help people like me who have few, if any, treatment options. Through Cycle for Survival, progress is accelerating. We arm scientists with the resources to explore pioneering ideas, discover new therapies, and collaborate to find the next breakthrough.

If you would like to make a donation, it would be greatly appreciated! You can click click here to donate.

Thanks in advance!

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