Bright Pink Sweater

Hi everyone,

Today was another busy one. I woke up and did a 20 minute 80’s live pelaton ride. It was so fun, I felt like I needed a scrunchy and leg warmers. Next I did the on demand studio Tone It Up workout: Cardio Arms + Core and the daily moves. Followed by my 30 day to split challenge. My before pictures are really pathetic since I broke my hip in July!

I also ran to Target (I know 2 days in a row!)I never got to Lululemon or Madewell yesterday so I returned those items today too. And finally got a manicure and pedicure! I know another crazy day right?

Tonight Mike and I are going to dinner then this really cool place where you throw axes at the wall. I’m really excited!

What are you babes up to this weekend?

I ordered this sweater from Abercrombie last week! I haven’t shopped at Abercrombie since high school but loved the color and cropped look! It so warm and comfy and defiantly a good investment! Don’t forget you can shop my clothes by clicking on the picture below!

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