Polka dot fun!

Today I’m getting some dermaplaning done at Synergy Wellness Spa in Red Bank. They are seriously the best, I also get my Botox and lip injections there. I’m headed back there next week for both of those!

I read about dermaplaning online and I’m so excited to try it. It apparently gets rid of all the dead skin and reduces the fine lines in your face.

After that I have to run to Madewell to return a pair of jeans. I’m so disappointed, after wearing them for 30 minutes they stretched out and looked huge on me. I hope they honor the return even though I wore them once. I’m also returning my teddy bear coat since I found the perfect one at Revolve.

Then I’m heading to Target to pick up the new Tone It Up muffin pans and the band for my giveaway! Make sure you enter to win 3 lipsense colors, TIU socks, you booty band and a bunch of healthy snacks!

Finally I’m running to Lululemon to return a sweater.

Then when I get home I’m hopping on the pelaton for a 30 minute ride, doing today’s studio tone It Up Workout, the daily moves and Blogilates 30 day to split day 3! I’m taking before pictures so I can show you all my progress!





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Perfect Teddy Bear Coat


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How to use

You be able to shop images exclusively on the LTK APP or by clicking my ‘’shop’ -> ‘Shop My Instagram’ tab in profile. You will need to screenshot your favorite outfits or look them up by follower. Follow me @meganmazza on the app to shop any outfit you see RIGHT NOW. Click here to download (it’s the best, seriously).

If you have been following me on Instagram for a while now, you’ve absolutely seen a few things at the end of my shopping posts that say #liketkit and then a little unique link…

For example:

So How Do I Sign Up?

Sign up for LikeToKnowIt here… It’s so easy and takes little time.

‘Like’ photos on Instagram that any blogger posts with LikeToKnow.It (remember, you’ll see the tags at the end of their post), and get an email sent directly to your inbox or take a screenshot of that photo with the link and it will show up on your app.

Shop away!

But what if I already get too many emails?

Girl, I feel you. So many. So here’s the deal. You can change your settings to receive emails less frequently and not clog your inbox.

OR– LikeToKnow.It now has a new APP!!! It’s free and it’s amazing. You can actually shop your favorite outfits INSTANTLY. Follow me @meganmazza!!! Instead of getting emails, you can get all your photos uploaded into one central place. And now you can screenshot your favorite outfits on Instagram and they will pop up immediately into your app. Or just look me up and all my outfits are right there. It is the fastest way to shop an Intagram 🙂  It looks something like this:

What if I don’t want a bunch of screenshots saved in my photo library?

You can delete your screenshots after you open the app and let them upload 🙂 But if you don’t even feel like taking screenshots, then don’t! Any photo you ‘like’ that is linked through will still upload to the app! 🙂

What If I’m a Computer Person and Just Don’t Want to Shop on my Phone?

If you’re not on Instagram or you just don’t want another app or email, there is another way to shop my Instagram posts directly from my Blog. Head to my ‘Fashion’ -> ‘Shop My Instagram’ tab and click on ‘Shop my Instagram’… All of my Instagram photos with outfits linked will be uploaded automatically to my blog where you can simply click on a photo and shop the outfit.

Hopefully this little post will help you with future shopping! Please leave me a comment below with further questions and don’t forget to follow me on the APP 🙂

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