2018 Year In Review

2018 has been a great year. I feel so blessed to be alive and feeling well and looking back on 2018, overall it was a great year.

I started the year off by meeting my sole mate, Bridget. She is currently fighting the same cancer I am. After meeting on a message board and talking for years it was so great to finally meet her in real life. I instantly started crying tears of joy when I hugged her.

I lost my hair again in March.

I spent Mother’s Day in the hospital but took an epic selfie with my family!

I took a vacation with mom to our condo in Myrtle Beach in June.

And went to a couple of country concerts!

Met Chris Pratt and Kane Brown.

I went to the beach a few times.

And the pool!

Had the most amazing trip to Disney World thanks to the dream team at Sloan Kettering.

Began a trial drug at CHOP in Philadelphia that I’m feeling really well on and it’s working! Yay! For my cancer going away!

Started my Tone It Up Instagram Account. Follow me here: Here

Drank lots of TIU shakes

Hung out with Scooter and Jett!

Was in my best friends wedding!

Took way too many selfies

Hosted my first Tone It Up meetup!

And totaled my car.

Spent Christmas with my family

Went to Myrtle Beach with my parents for New Years.

And bought a new car!

Thank you all for making 2018 such an amazing year! I feel so blessed to have so many loving, caring and overall amazing internet friends. Love you!

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