2018 Year In Review

2018 has been a great year. I feel so blessed to be alive and feeling well and looking back on 2018, overall it was a great year.

I started the year off by meeting my sole mate, Bridget. She is currently fighting the same cancer I am. After meeting on a message board and talking for years it was so great to finally meet her in real life. I instantly started crying tears of joy when I hugged her.

I lost my hair again in March.

I spent Mother’s Day in the hospital but took an epic selfie with my family!

I took a vacation with mom to our condo in Myrtle Beach in June.

And went to a couple of country concerts!

Met Chris Pratt and Kane Brown.

I went to the beach a few times.

And the pool!

Had the most amazing trip to Disney World thanks to the dream team at Sloan Kettering.

Began a trial drug at CHOP in Philadelphia that I’m feeling really well on and it’s working! Yay! For my cancer going away!

Started my Tone It Up Instagram Account. Follow me here: Here

Drank lots of TIU shakes

Hung out with Scooter and Jett!

Was in my best friends wedding!

Took way too many selfies

Hosted my first Tone It Up meetup!

And totaled my car.

Spent Christmas with my family

Went to Myrtle Beach with my parents for New Years.

And bought a new car!

Thank you all for making 2018 such an amazing year! I feel so blessed to have so many loving, caring and overall amazing internet friends. Love you!

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New Year Goals: Following the Right Program

So the New Year is here again, what goals would you like to accomplish? You probably already have a fitness program that you’re currently following, but your goals for the New Year can be marred if you’re not ready and willing to support it with the right fitness program for you.

There are millions of fitness program choices available for you to pick from. A lot of people choose a fitness program based on a means-to-an-end quotient of the goals they want to achieve. It is important that you follow the right program for you and your goals to be able to accomplish them to your fullest potential.

So how do you know and choose the right program for your goals? First, you need to be realistic. Take an honest assessment of yourself – a fitness personality test, and weigh it against what you hope to accomplish in the New Year. Taking your own fitness personality test involves digging into your actual nature.

For instance, if you ran a great when you were a child, it could be that you’re more inclined toward endurance activities. If you grew up marveling at and interested in the arts, havingexpressiveness in your workout is likely to be important. If you grew up as a bookworm, you may be more inclined toward activities that require strategy and multifaceted nature.

Once you have taken your fitness personality test and have your goals clearly defined, it’ll be much easier to narrow down the type of fitness programs that should work for you. If your New Year goal is to feel sound and vibrant and have a body mass that is long and lean, then you shouldn’t be in a workout program that is intended for bodybuilders hoping to gain huge amounts of muscle.

There is just no chance that you are going to accomplish the results that you’re seeking by doing that sort of workout. Zero in on the fitness program that has a reputation of delivering the results that you are looking for and focus on it. Recognize that we are all different in so many ways, so there could be some preliminary blunders involved in getting the program to fit you as an individual.

Diet also plays a big part in helping you achieve your goals. If you are not eating according to your goals, it will be harder if not impossible to achieve them. Your specific lifestyle and circumstances will also affect the results, so be patient and allow yourself the time to get everything in alignment with your goals.

Finally, recognize that there is no wrong way to get from where you are right now to where you want to be in the New Year. You might get involved in a fitness program that will not give you the results you were looking for but it can help you decide more clearly what you really want. The experiences you gain will help you understand your body and preferences better and ultimately bring you closer to your goal.

For me Tone It Up works. I’ve had excellent results and it’s become a lifestyle for me not just a diet. The Love Your Body challenge starts January 14th and is completely free. If you’re looking to try Tone It Up, Love Your Body is the perfect time to try it for free.


I’m loving this warm weather!

I can’t get over how warm it is here. We are running around Myrtle Beach today so I wore leggings and a sweater. I’ve always wanted to go to a Publix Market and I’ve never been so I’m so excited to head there today to make Bun Undone paleo meatballs. I made them for my family a few weeks ago and everyone loved them!

Click on the image to shop.

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Comfortable and Casual in South Carolina

Hi babes,

We made it to Myrtle Beach (MB!) yay! It took us 16 hours to get here (usually takes 12!) but we now will have a car down here. We are leaving a car here so when we come and won’t have to rent one. We are flying back to New Jersey on Wednesday. It’s so warm here I opted to wear a sweater and jeans so I don’t have to wear a coat.

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Wellness Wednesday: Tone It Up Frequently Asked Questions

Hey everyone,

A lot of you have been asking me about Tone It Up with the new year coming up. So I put together a TIU FAQ.

  • Is Tone It Up worth the money?
  • In my opinion absolutely. Tone It Up is expensive however you are buying a lifetime membership. When you pay the $150 you get all the past challenge pa me and all the future challenge packs plus the nutrition plan. I have been a member since 2013 and it’s the best $150 I’ve ever spent because it’s changed my life.
    • Is Tone It Up vegan?
  • When you buy the plan you can buy the regular, vegetarian, or gluten free version.
    • Does Tone It Up work?
  • It works for me. Of course everyone is different, however; this is the first lifestyle I have followed and had success with. I say lifestyle because I don’t consider Tone It Up a doer. Prior to this I tried plenty of diets but never stuck to or had success with anything.
    • What is Tone It Up?
  • Tone It Up was founded by Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn according to the Tone It Up website it is “a community of women, inspiring and supporting one another to live the life of your dreams; fit, healthy, and happy!”.
    • When is the Tone It Up bikini series?
  • The bikini series is a challenge that begins each January and is completely free. It’s a great way to learn more about Tone It Up without paying for the program.
    • Where is the Tone It Up headquarters?
  • They are headquarter in Manhattan Beach, California.
    • What is Tone It Up studio?
  • Studio Tone It Up is a monthly subscription app where you can do live or on demand workouts with the Tone It Up Trainers. There are varies categories such as kettlebells, abs, arms, legs, etc.. You can try it for free for 5 days!
    • Is Tone It Up free?
  • No, Tone It Up cost $150 for a lifetime membership.
    • What is Tone It Up protein?
  • Tone It Up Protein is a plant based protein that Tone It Up makes and is sold on, Target or at Whole Foods. It’s so good, I love it, especially the chocolate!
    • How did Tone It Up start?
  • It’s actually a really cute story. I’ll direct you to a Forbes article that talks about how they started Tone It Up. Click here for the article.
  • Hopefully I answered all of your questions. Feel free to reach out to me if you have anymore!
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    Merry Christmas

    “It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled till puzzler was sore. Then the grinch thought of something he hasn’t before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas perhaps, means a little bit more.” – Dr. Seuss

    Merry Christmas from my family yo yours. May your day be filled with love, laughter and magic! I hope Santa brought you everything you wished for!


    Merry Christmas Eve

    Hi loves,

    Merry Christmas Eve! I’m so grateful for each and every one of you. You motivate me to be a better person, work harder and love life even more! Thank you!

    Today I’m getting a CBC at the Sloan Kettering by my house followed by a quick run to the Loft and then some other last minute errands.

    Tonight I’ll be at my cousins house with my entire family. This is the one holiday that we all spend together and Santa comes. It’s so magical to see the kids faces when Santa arrives and he gives them their present. After that they all get in there pajamas and we eat our weight in Christmas cookies.

    I’ll be sure to share some pictures from tonight tomorrow.

    I decided to wear something comfortable today since I’ll be dressed up tonight. Unfortunately, everything except my leggings are last season so I’m unable to link them but I found similar items for you.